January 8 Taipei, Taiwan

We arrived back in Taipei for Jeff’s heart surgery on January 6. He checked into the hospital, and I stayed with my daughter Harmony at her apartment in Taipei. Jeff’s heart surgery, angioplasty and three stents to open his other clogged heart artery, went well. It is a lot less stressful when it is done as a planned procedure, and not as an emergency! He was able to leave the hospital and come to Harmony’s place to complete his recovery after only two days. We decided that he would have this procedure done in Taiwan because it would cost less than the co-pays and other expenses we would incur if it was done in the USA. So, like many, we have become “medical tourists”, getting health care in another country that is just as good as we would get at home for much less money!


Jeff and Ann in his room at Eastern Hospital


Harmony and Jeff in the room at Far Eastern Hospital

Another good thing that happened this week is that Harmony helped me learn how to manage my curly hair. Since I have gone through menopause, my hair has gone through a change of life, too. No longer is it mostly straight with a bit of wave, now it is curly. I thought this change was great at first, but I also thought it would go away eventually, like a perm. That has not happened. Instead, I was looking “like an 80s rock star”, according to my daughter. Too true! So Jeff cut six inches off of my hair, and I learned how to use mousse. I also learned that with curly hair, less is more. Don’t wash it every day, and don’t comb it except when it is wet. Here is a before and after photo, taken with Jeff’s iPhone.  Much better!


A photo of me before I cut my hair


A photo of me after the hair cut. Shorter and with mousse, more managable hair

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