January 19 Yeliou and Juming Museum, Taiwan

2013-01-19 Yieliu Chuming museum 027

Harmony checks out a rock formation at Yeliou

Yeliou is a National Geopark that has beautiful scenery and amazing rocks. I enjoyed it very much the last time I got to visit here, but this time was even better because it was not raining and I was there with a geologist (my daughter Harmony.) She was able to explain how and why those unique rock formations were created. I learned a lot from her, more than I had from just reading the English on the signs in my previous visit.

2013-01-19 Yeliu Juming hx5 028

Sand dollar fossil embedded in the rocks at Yeliou

2013-01-19 Yieliu Chuming museum 163

Harmony takes a closer look at a “sausage” rock formation

Note-the above three photos were taken in a section of the geopark where the Chinese tour groups don’t go.

One of the big changes I noticed at Yeliou was that the geopark is now set up for Chinese tour groups. Namely, they have crowd control measures in place, along with enforcement, since many Chinese think that don’t have to pay attention to signs and follow rules.

2013-01-19 Yeliu Juming hx5 027

Stone carved sign saying Do Not Cross This Line in English and Chinese characters

There were many of these signs saying do not cross this line in English and Chinese characters. Carved In Stone, literally. There was also a red line painted on all the rocks in the areas where the tour groups go. I guess it controls the crowds and prevents accidents and mayhem, but it also shows up in photos. Jeff found this rather frustrating.

2013-01-19 Yeliu Juming hx5 033

Jeff points to the red do not cross tourist line

There were also many men in security vests and armed with whistles to make sure that everyone obeyed the signs.

2013-01-19 Yeliu Juming hx5 048

Photo of a security guard at Yeliou

This security guard was making sure that all the Chinese tourists waited in line nicely to get their chance to take a photo by the famous rock shaped like the queen of England. he blew his whistle A Lot. I noticed that they built a special wooden photo taking platform to control the erosion next to the rock formation that would be caused by thousands of people standing next to the rock taking photos.I remember the first time when we visited Yeliou, and I took a photo of Jeff right next to this rock.

2013-01-19 Yeliu Juming hx5 056

Security guard controlling photo taking by famous rock formation

Not only that, but the Taiwanese managing the geopark meticulously recreated the famous rock formation near the entrance to the park so the tourists would have another place to take pictures. It was not being used for this purpose when we were there.

2013-01-19 Yeliu Juming hx5 101

Queen rock II at Yeliou National Geopark

Remember my previous post about seafaring god boats? On the trail out to the pavilion viewpoint at Yeliou, Harmony and I found a small shrine where they had put the god statues that washed ashore at Yeliou. Although it was in an off-the-main path location, someone was still tending this shrine, and bringing offerings and incense.

2013-01-19 Yeliu Juming hx5 070

Seafaring gods shrine at Yeliou

After we left Yeliou, we went to Juming Museum.

Born in Tongxiao, Miaoli in 1938, Juming a.k.a. Chu Chuan Taiis an art master in Taiwan. His art work is displayed at Juming Museum. It is the largest outdoor art museum in Taiwan. The museum presents Juming’s creative works from 1987 to 2012. Master Juming himself participated in locating, designing and constructing this museum. After being exhibited all over the world, Juming’s works have been shipped back to Taiwan and are presented in this outdoor museum. There are oil painting exhibits, Chinese ink paintings, multimedia works, and a lot of sculptures. The most famous is the Tai chi Square is with more than 30 pieces of Tai chi works exhibited on the lawns.

2013-01-19 Yeliu Juming hx5 105

Jeff standing beside giant zipper sculpture

2013-01-19 Yieliu Chuming museum 265

Harmony joins the military sculpture!

2013-01-19 Yieliu Chuming museum 277

Tai chi sculpture

I have been here before, and was very impressed the first time that I came. This time, there were more new exhibits, including one telling about Juming and his history. He was born the 11th child of parents who were 51 (his dad) and 41 (his mom) at the time. So his nickname was 92 when he was growing up, the sum of his parents ages when he was born. Below is a sculpture he made of himself as a child, herding goats in the village where he grew up.

2013-01-19 Yeliu Juming hx5 126

Juming as a boy

Finally, there is a new outdoor sculpture garden addition to the museum. It has sculptures of many famous scientists and inventors from the history of China, Europe and America. There is a sculpture of Benjamin Franklin there. Look closely at the little dog he is talking to. It is wearing a coat with 92 on it! I think that Juming must greatly admire Benjamin Franklin, as he has put himself in that sculpture, as artists sometimes do with their art work. And I would agree with his choice, as I would choose to be with Benjamin Franklin, even given all those other illustrious choices, (Einstein, Edison, Newton, etc.)

2013-01-19 Yeliu Juming hx5 143

Benjamin Franklin and 92

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