January 23 Chengdu Part II

Chengdu is in Sichuan, where hot pepper is a food group. I have some problems with this every time I have to eat here. I like spicy food, but not everything spicy all the time. Sichuan food also tends to be too oily.

2013-01-22 Chengdu hx5 028

A store selling spicy food, and decorated with peppers


Ann eating spicy beef noodle soup for lunch

Fortunately, this area of China is also known for its beef. Jeff especially likes the beef jerky that is made here. We stopped to buy some at a store, where the proprietor was dressed up as Guan Yu’s brother, Zhang Fei.

2013-01-22 Wuhou temple 012

Ann posing with Zhang Fei

After we left Wuhou Shrine and arrived at the airport, we learned that our flight was delayed. This is quite common when flying in China. I am more surprised when flights leave on time!  So we got to hang out in the Air China First Class lounge at the Chengdu airport. I was very happy to eat dinner there, because most of the dishes were not spicy. They would probably get too many complaints from foreign business men if everything was spicy!

2013-01-22 Chengdu hx5 153

Jeff trying out the massage chair in the lounge. He actually fell asleep!


Ann enjoying a nice dinner in the lounge. Notice my happiness at finding they had Coke Zero!

We are arrived at Shenzhen late that night after our day long journey escorting Guan Gong to Chengdu. It was late, and we were almost home, one intersection away, when we were stopped a man wearing army fatigues. I initially thought he was directing traffic for some reason. But no, he was stopping traffic, for a reason. We sat (first car) in the left turn lane of this intersection for twenty minutes, so a group of army tanks could go by! Even going full speed, it takes them awhile to go by, and the honking from impatient drivers stuck behind us got louder and louder and louder and louder. I was fully awake by the time we finally got home, even though it was after midnight! Just when I think that I have seen it all in China…..


Army tank captured by Jeff’s iPhone in the intersection next to our place in Longhua

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