February 10 Guilin, China

On Sunday afternoon, we left for three nights and days in Guilin, China. Jeff was off from work for the New Year’s holiday until Thursday, so we had decided to go to Guilin. I have been wanting to see Guilin for a long time. Guilin is located in the southwestern part of China, so it has a subtropical, humid climate with a spring and summer monsoon season  rainfall. We thought that by going there in February, we could avoid the heat and rainy weather. We also wanted to get out of Longhua, where everything was closed, and go to a tourist area where everything would be open. Plus, the cold water pipe to our dorm building broke on Saturday evening. This meant that the water filter for drinking water was not working,  we were brushing our teeth with hot water, and taking sponge baths, as you cannot take a shower in pure hot water! With everyone gone for the New Year, it would be Tuesday before they could fix it. So it turned out to be a great time to go somewhere else!

2013-02-10 Guilin HX30 002
Jeff in front of the New Year tree in our hotel lobby in Guilin. It was also decorated with red envelopes.

When we arrived in Guilin, it was cold and raining. In fact, it was much colder than normal for the entire three days that we were there. We ended up wearing layers of most of the clothes that we brought with us, as the temperature never got warmer than 43 degrees Fahrenheit!

2013-02-10 Guilin iph4  (3)
Ann standing next to a display of New Year’s treats in our hotel lobby in Guilin.

These are some of the traditional New Year’s treat in Guilin. There are seven different types of cookies, peanuts, melon seeds, grapefruit and oranges, and New Year’s cake!

2013-02-11 Guilin 001
Ann in the courtyard of our hotel in Guilin.

The hotel had a very pretty central courtyard, with a pond.

2013-02-11 Guilin HX30 003
Jeff taking photos in the hotel courtyard

Jeff is standing on a cement lotus leaf photos in the courtyard of our hotel in Guilin. he is taking pictures of the fish in the pond.

2013-02-11 Guilin HX30 002
Fish swimming in the courtyard pond of our hotel

Here is one of his photos. He also captured the reflection of the hotel in the water.

2013-02-11 Guilin 003
A view of the Li river from our hotel’s back deck

Our hotel was right next to the Li river.The Li river flows through Guilin from north to south. The center of Guilin city lies on the western bank of the Li River.

2013-02-11 Guilin HX30 001
Camel carving outside of the hotel store.

A carving of a camel for sale in the specialty rock shop in our hotel. Why was there a camel sculpture? I learned the reason for that later on during the trip.

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