February 10 Longhua Park

2013-02-10 CNY Longhua  (3)

Longhua park entrance gate

On Sunday morning, Jeff and I walked to the Longhua Central Park, figuring that it would be a good place to hang out since almost nothing else was open. Unfortunately, it seemed like almost everyone else in Longhua had the same idea. So we just walked around outside, as all of the paths inside the park were really, really crowded with people. This park had the traditional entrance gate.

2013-02-10 CNY Longhua  (7)

New Year display at the Longhua park entrance

Pagoda inside the Longhua park

Sometimes, in history books when they talk about the Middle Ages in Europe, they mention garbage being thrown into the streets and rivers running through a city. I now realize that, thanks to Longhua, I have some idea of what that would look like. This is a photo of the river that runs along one side of the park. It is filled with trash, and smells very bad, according to Jeff. Hopefully someday they will clean it up.

2013-02-10 CNY Longhua  (9)

River along the park filled with garbage


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