February 11 Seven Stars Park, Guilin, China

Seven Stars Park is named after the seven large karst hills in it. Seven Stars Park is the largest park in Guilin City. Located at the east bank of Li River, the park is about one mile from the downtown area of Guilin. It got its name because seven peaks, the four peaks of Putuo Mountain and three peaks of Crescent Mountain, inside the park resemble the form of the Big Dipper constellation.

2013-02-11 Guilin 094

Entrance sign to Seven Stars Park, decorated for the New Year

The park has been popular since the Sui (581-618) and Tang (618-907) Dynasties. The main sights in the park are Flower Bridge, Putuo Mountain, Xuanfeng Cave, Camel Hill, Crescent Mountain, and Light of China Square.

2013-02-11 Guilin HX30 058

New Year display at the entrance to Seven Stars Park. Notice that they did not have any snakes in this one, just the money god for good fortune!

Flower Bridge, built in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), is the oldest bridge in Guilin. Every spring and summer, it has lots of blooming flowers around it, hence the name Flower Bridge. This time of year there were no blooming flowers, but there were plenty of New Year decorations on the bridge.

2013-02-11 Guilin 098

Ann Standing on Flower Bridge in Seven Stars Park

2013-02-11 Guilin 102

Li River in Seven Stars Park

Here is a photo of the view looking down the Li River from the bridge.

Putuo Mountain has many caves and pavilions. At the southwestern foot of the mountain lies Xuanfeng Cave. It was very pretty inside, but not as impressive as Silver Cave, which we would visit on Tuesday.

2013-02-11 Guilin 116

Inside Xuanfeng Cave in Putuo Mountain in Seven Stars Park

At halfway up the mountain, you can see Putuo Jingshe, a two-storied pavilion.

2013-02-11 Guilin 100

Putuo Jingshe at Seven Stars Park

This is an old stone monument in the park. Putuo Hill is behind it.

2013-02-11 Guilin 111

Tang dynasty area monument in Seven Stars Park

Camel Hill, looking like a squat camel, lies behind Putuo Mountain. I did think that this hill looked like a camel. I am standing where President Clinton gave his speech on ecology and conservation when he visited Guilin.

2013-02-11 Guilin 134

Ann with Camel Hill behind her in Seven Stars Park

Around the hill are many beautiful gardens.

2013-02-11 Guilin HX30 081

A waterfall in Seven Stars Park

2013-02-11 Guilin 104

Chinese characters carved on a rock in Seven Stars Park

2013-02-11 Guilin 129

A sculpture of the scales of justice in Seven Stars Park. Behind it was a sculpture of a giant gavel. We are not certain why this was in the park!

2013-02-11 Guilin HX30 078

Light of China square with its giant stone carved mural

Light of China Square is between Putuo Mountain and Crescent Mountain. It has a very large stone carved mural. The mural, which is made up of more than 100 stone carvings,tells the story of 5000 yeas of Chinese civilization. This is a recent series of stone carvings. And sadly, the entire history of China occurred without a single woman being present. Every human carved into this wall mural was male!

Finally, this may qualify as a “only in China” scene. A vendor had set up this booth near the exit from the park. He was offering a chance to shoot tennis balls out of old army cannons at moving targets. He seemed to have plenty of middle-aged men who were waiting for their chance pay their money, and climb up on these cannons to shoot at the targets!

2013-02-11 Guilin 127

Vendor offering a chance to shoot old army cannons at Seven Stars Park

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