February 15 Dameisa, Shenzhen, China

Dameisa is a section of Shenzhen that is also called the “Golden Coast”. As you might guess, this is the city section along the seacoast. This section of the city is fairly far from Longhua, so I have only been here once before. I went with Jeff on Friday for my second time. We went to have lunch there with Bill and his wife Anna. Bill is an American colleague who now also works at Foxconn, in a different division of the company.

Dameisa 010

Jeff with his giant shrimp!

We had lunch at a nice seafood restaurant. The photo above shows Jeff with a giant shrimp, which is one of the local specialties.  I have eaten smaller versions of this type of shrimp when I was in Yantai. This one was was easier to eat than the smaller ones, but it still did not taste as good to me as the other types of shrimp that I have eaten, such as tiger shrimp or local Gulf of Maine shrimp.

After lunch, we walked down the street towards the seashore. We passed a seafood market on the way.

Dameisa 017

Plastic tubs with various types of seafood along a street

Dameisa 016

Large lobster in one of the tubs

When we got to the seaside, we rented bikes to ride along the newly built bike trail along the coast. The bike rental kiosks here were similar to the ones that I have used in Taiwan.  You place a local bank credit card in front of a electronic card reader, and the bike unlocks from the stand. Anna had the four cards we needed to unlock the bikes. Hers were special Shenzhen citizen cards. With those cards, you can rent the bike free for up to two hours. Anna had four cards because she borrowed them from her family members in Shenzhen. This impressed both Jeff and me. Shenzhen is such a city of immigrants that Anna was local resident we have met! She was born and grew up here. She spends most of her time now in Houston, but was back with her husband for the New Year because she needed to attend her younger sister’s wedding.

2013-02-15 Dameisa 004

Jeff standing near his rental bike on the bike trail

The bikes were all in very good condition, and did not look like they had been used much.

2013-02-15 Dameisa 007

Ann and Anna walking their bikes up a steep section of the bike trail

The trail went uphill (sometimes steeply) in many places, so I did a lot of “bike walking.”  And there were sections where I had to get off and walk the bike, because the trail was not completed yet. But the view was very nice.

2013-02-15 Dameisa 016

A view of the Daimeisa coastline from the bike trail

2013-02-15 Dameisa 025

This little island is called Lion Island, as it is supposed to resemble a lion lying down.

2013-02-15 Dameisa 102

Flowers along the bike trail

After riding and walking our bikes for awhile, we came to the beach where the bike trail ended. There were lots of people at the beach, as admission to the beach was free for the New Year holiday week. Notice that there are lots of blue umbrellas on the beach! People have rented them to avoid sitting in the sun, not because it was hot!

2013-02-15 Dameisa 035

Blue umbrellas on Dameisa beach

We found the rental bike kiosk to return our bikes. There was just one problem. Only three slots were available and we had four bikes. Just when we thought that we might have to ride them all the way back, someone came and rented a bike. So we could walk around the beach, and drink fresh coconut milk! For 6 RMB (about $1 US) the vendor will hack off a section of the top of the coconut with his machete, and put in a straw for you to drink.

2013-02-15 Dameisa 055

Ann, Bill, and Anna drinking fresh coconut milk from coconuts

These rocks are supposed to resemble a man and women kissing, and I think that the Chinese characters say something like “Forever Happiness”. This was a prime picture taking location at the end of the beach. There are other close up photos of us in front of the rock, but I put this one in the blog so that you can see the general chaos of the scene.

2013-02-15 Dameisa 072

Ann and Jeff in front of the Forever Happiness rocks

We took the walking trail back along the coastline. No bikes were allowed on this trail, which was a good thing as it was not as wide as the bike trail. It was also more level, as it was right next to the land’s edge. it did not have to go up and down like the bike trail at the top of the cliffs!

2013-02-15 Dameisa 091

Walking trail back along the coast

Here is the “China moment” of this outing. This man is fishing right next to the No Fishing sign! He didn’t even bother to at least get far enough away so he could claim not to have seen it!

2013-02-15 Dameisa 082

Man fishing next to the no fishing sign

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