March 14 Meilin Market, Shenzhen

China still has many traditional street markets, which are, literally, where people with things to sell put up tables along the sides of the streets and lay out their wares for sale. But I have noticed that there are also many of these transitional markets, where merchants have an indoor location to set up their tables. I am sure that the merchants pay some type of rent for this location, and in turn they get a place to sell everyday out of the rain and other possible weather. But there is no heat or AC or other amenities except electric power and a roof and cement floor, so these are not like stores in a mall. However, they are good places to buy many traditional cooking supplies that are not carried by the big, modern stores. On Thursday before I left Shenzhen to fly to Taiwan, I went with my friends Michelle, Ceecee, and Kelly to one of these markets in Shenzhen.

2013-03-14 Meilin Market 001

Kelly, Michelle, and C.C. check out the different dried mushrooms for sale at a vendor,s stall in Meilin Market

Meilin Market is located inside of a giant, two story cement warehouse building. It reminded me of a parking garage without the cars. There were many, many vendors, selling all sorts of dried food items.

2013-03-14 Meilin Market 006

Ceecee and Michelle looking at trays filled with different types of dried shrimp.

There were more than 100 vendors on the bottom floor of this building. I was wondering how they all stayed in business, since many of them were selling the exact same things. Kelly explained that this was where most of the local restaurants and street food vendors come to buy their supplies.

2013-03-14 Meilin Market 003

Many different types of dried dates for sale in large bags.

Not everything for sale was edible.

2013-03-14 Meilin Market 007

Vendor selling dishes and other non-perishable items.

There were so many vendor stalls that looked very similar, so it was easy to get lost wandering up and down the market rows. Fortunately, Ceecee has been there many times, so she made sure that we did not get lost.

2013-03-14 Meilin Market 002

Ceecee in front of one of her favorite vendor stalls in Meilin Market.

Ceecee and her family have a house in Houston, Texas, but they spend most of their time in Longhua. Her children go to the Foreign School (classes taught in English) in Shenzhen, and they only go home to the states in summer. She is a very good guide to places in Shenzhen because she spends most of her time there, unlike the rest of us who come and go.

2013-03-14 Meilin Market 008

Many types of Chinese sausages for sale in Meilin Market.

Kelly and I did a lot of looking, but not buying, because we don’t cook in our dorm rooms.

2013-03-14 Meilin Market 013

Kelly looks at some dried mushrooms for sale.

2013-03-14 Meilin Market 015

Shelves of dried spices and other things

These bags were piled up, waiting to be loaded into a truck with a restaurant’s truck.

2013-03-14 Meilin Market 010

Bags of food items waiting to be loaded into a truck

This vendor was selling sodas and other drinks.

2013-03-14 Meilin Market 009

A vendor stall selling drinks.

The tea vendor was one of my favorite stalls. She was selling tea, mostly wholesale, to tea stores in the greater Shenzhen area. My friends told me that her shop smelled very good!

2013-03-14 Meilin Market 017

Vendor selling tea

At first, I wondered why there was this store selling aquariums and fish tank supplies in the Meilin Market. Then I remembered how many restaurants in China have aquariums as part of their decor.

2013-03-14 Meilin Market 018

Vendor selling aquariums and fish tank supplies in Meilin Market

The second floor of the cement market building was filled with vendors selling fresh fruits and vegetables. I suspect that the fruit vendor who sells fruit from a cart in front of the dorm complex buys her fruit from a place like this one. The fruit and vegetables were all fresh and delicious looking, and very inexpensive, less than the vendor charges for her fruit.

2013-03-14 Meilin Market 022

Fruit and vegetables for sale in Meilin Market.

If I had not been leaving Longhua in two days, I would have bought lots of fruit here. Instead, I just took lots of photos!

2013-03-14 Meilin Market 026

Kelly and Michelle pick out some vegetables in Meilin Market.

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