May 29 Getting a Home Ready to Sell

There is a lot of work that has to be done to turn a home that you have lived in for 19 (!) years back into a house that can be someone else’s home. This has been keeping me incredibly busy here in North Andover since the beginning of April. That is why there have been no new blog entries in that time. But the end of this big job approaches. Our home is officially listed on the MLS, with the Open House on June 2.. There will be no showing before Saturday, as the painters are still finishing up in the upstairs, and the floors upstairs and the stairs still need to be cleaned and polished.

We are not planning on moving out of this area; we will likely be renting an apartment in Andover or North Andover for the next few years. This is a downsizing move., It is time for me to have a smaller place to clean and take care of, and for a family with young children to move into this big house so that they can grow up in this wonderful neighborhood, in a home with a pool and big yard.

Here is the link to the virtual tour of the downstairs of our house. (The upstairs will be added Friday or Saturday when the painters are finished.)

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