August 26 Berlin, Germany

I was not impressed by Berlin. The airport was small, and in need of an update. It reminded me of Manchester airport in New Hampshire. The Rostock taxi driver drove across the town after he picked me up because he also had to pick up a crew member who had missed the ship in Amsterdam. He was not at all familiar with Berlin, as he was not from the area, so he was using google maps to navigate around the city. So we drove the shortest route, which took us through the red light district, past some uncared for, overgrown looking  parks and through some run down looking neighborhoods on the way to the other hotel.

2013-08-26 (55)

There was a lot of graffiti in Berlin.

After we picked up the crew member, we made our way out of the city and onto the autobahn for the almost three hour drive to Rostock on the Baltic coast. The famous autobahn looked a lot like an interstate highway back home. There are speed limits for cars wherever the road is under repair. Summer is also the road repair season in Germany so there were lots of places where it was being repaired and the speed limit was only 40-60 kilometers per hour. There was also a lot of traffic, and the driver could only go as fast as the car or truck in front of him. So we averaged about 70 kilometers an hour.

2013-08-26 (51)

There were lots of windmills in the fields alongside the road.

This part of Germany that I drove through on my way to the seacoast was very rural. I saw lots of farm fields, growing corn and hay and alfalfa and soybeans. There were also fields with cows and sheep and horses.

2013-08-26 (49)

A field of corn

Jeff got to see a more interesting view of Berlin. I am going to post a few of his photos, along with a description. But I cannot add anything else, as I was not with him on the Berlin excursion.

2013-08-26 (60)

Charlottenburg Palace

2013-08-26 (80)

Victory Column

2013-08-26 (117)

Berlin Cathedral

2013-08-26 (128)

Inside the dome of Berlin Cathedral

2013-08-26 (141)

The organ inside Berlin Cathedral. Jeff got to hear an organ concert while he was inside the cathedral.

2013-08-26 (201)

Brandenburg Gate

2013-08-26 (211)

Checkpoint Charlie

2013-08-26 (245)

Jeff standing next to a remaining section of the Berlin Wall.


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