October 11 Leaving Longhua, China

Jeff has accepted a new position, based in Taiwan, and so we will be moving from Longhua, China, to Taipei, Taiwan. I spent Thursday, October 10, packing up our stuff, and getting ready to leave Longhua to go apartment hunting in Taipei.I am very happy to be relocating to Taiwan, as it is cleaner, more “English language friendly”, and has a good health care system, and great food! But there are a few things I’ll miss in Longhua

I will miss the fruit seller outside Century City gate, of our apartment complex, and all of the wonderful fruit. Fruit is very delicious and inexpensive here, and I ate a lot of it!


Ann eating Mango ice and papaya fruit desserts

I will miss the down stairs cafeteria (the place where everyone knows your name) where we ate most of our dinners, and the old man with the good stories and pu’ur tea. I have developed a real liking for pu’ur tea, which is very expensive. So I will not be drinking it as often anymore!

I will miss the vegetarian restaurant across the street and the nice Taiwanese lady who runs it (I hope she makes it to Prague next year)

I will miss my friends Kelly and CC who I will likely not see anymore. One of the real difficulties of having such a transient life-style is that I have to leave friends behind every time we move.

I will miss he China moments, which seem to occur on a regular basis! What do you think the sign below is advertising? It was advertising a new mall, with many high end stores that just opened! Aircraft carrier, fancy mall, somehow they are just not linked together in my mind!

2013-09-15 16-06-08

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