October 12-14 Apartment Hunting in Taiwan


A view of the lobby in our new Taipei apartment

Finding a new place to live is always stressful. Doing it two times in one year is a lot of stress. But there is also a certain level of excitement, as a new place to live also means positive changes are possible. Maybe this new home will have a better view, or an interesting location, or better amenities. Or maybe just a real kitchen!


The view from the living room window and balcony of our new apartment. That is Taipei 101, Taiwan’s tallest building in the background. This photo appears hazy because it was taken just before sunset.

Jeff and I spent a long weekend-Friday afternoon, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday looking for an apartment to rent in Taipei. We started searching in the areas of Taipei close to his workplace. Taipei is a very large, spread-out city, so this was a good way to narrow our search. Between us, we had a list of what we wanted in our new apartment home. Jeff wanted good views, close to his office, and near a subway stop, as we do not plan on having a car in Taiwan.


Ann is standing in the kitchen/dining room area of our new apartment.

I wanted a newer building, two bedrooms with two bathrooms, and an pen kitchen/dining room/living room layout. I also wanted decent quality furniture as we were looking at furnished apartments, and an exercise room and pool as amenities.


The pool table with the exercise room behind it in our new apartment Building.

it took until Sunday, along with an increase in the rental range we would consider, before we started seeing places that we liked. In fact, the apartment that we finally chose was the first one we looked at on Sunday. It had almost everything we wanted, including a nice entry lobby, in case Jeff needs to meet with business associates. (That was not on our original lists, but we both realized it should be after the first day.) Our new apartment is in the Neihu District of Taipei, which is about a 30 minute commute to work for Jeff. But it has everything else we wanted from our lists of what we wanted in a new overseas home. We were very happy to find it and sign the lease!


The jacuzzi and indoor swimming pool in our new apartment building.

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