November 1-10 Neihu Apartment, Taiwan


The living room in our Neihu apartment. This photo was taken at sunset.

It takes some time and effort to set up a new place. I have been very busy doing that here in Taiwan for the past two weeks. We are renting a three bedroom, two bathroom place in the Neihu section of Taipei. We did four days on intensive apartment hunting in October, during which we looked at many apartments in many different sections of Taipei. We ended up renting this place, which we both liked for many reasons. Reason number one-it has a great view. Jeff really wanted a place with a great view out the windows and this one has that. We are on the 20th floor of a 24 story building. Our apartment has great views of Taipei from the living room and two of the bedrooms.


A view of our kitchen, looking in from the dining room area.

Reason number two-it is a new building with  lots of modern conveniences. This was very important to me. I wanted a more open layout, with modern bathrooms and kitchen.

photo (2)

A view of our dining room

This apartment has that, plus lots of storage space!


Laundry room with a washing machine, small dryer, and a place to hang clothes. We are also storing Jeff’s golf clubs and extra bottles of water in here.

Reason number three-a laundry room with a washer and a small dryer, and a place to hang clothes that is not visible from the street or other buildings.  Most people in China and Taiwan don’t seem to mind hanging their underwear and bras, etc., out for all their neighbors to see on balconies that face the street or other buildings, but this has always bothered me! This laundry room is in an enclosed inner area, where it is not visible from the street or from other buildings. And I have a dryer, for all the damp weather days when clothes don’t get completely dry after hanging all day. (I will write more on that subject in another blog entry.)


Guest bedroom with a queen size bed and a partially obstructed view of Taipei

Reason number three-nice extra bedroom for visitors. This was important to both Jeff and me, because we had visitors the last time we were in Taiwan, and we hope to have many visitors again this time. So we wanted a place large enough and comfortable so that people can come and stay awhile! Also, the view of Taipei m this room is partially obstructed for a very good reason-there is a large AC unit sitting on the balcony outside the window of this bedroom. All three bedrooms, the living room, and the dining room have AC, so the apartment nice and cool when it is hot and humid outside.


A view down the hall of our first bathroom.

This apartment has two modern bathrooms, one off the hall with an enclosed shower.


Another view of the hall bathroom. I couldn’t quite get an angle that would show off the nice shower, but it is there!

This apartment has a nice master bedroom, which also has a great view of Taipei.


A view of the master bedroom

Reason number four-this apartment has two bathrooms, one with a bathtub. When guests visit, it is nice to have a second bathroom. It is also nice to have a tub, in case someone wants to soak instead of taking a shower. The master bathroom has another bonus-it has a window with a view of the mountains behind our building! And no one can see into this window, as we are up much higher than any of the surrounding buildings.


Master bathroom with a bathtub, and a window with a view of the mountains behind our building

Reason number five-this apartment has an additional room that can serve as an office and extra guest room. So Jeff can work at home without needing to be in the living room, and we don’t have to have an office space with a desk in that area. This third bedroom/office also has a great view of the mountains behind our building! I am typing this blog from the computer in this third bedroom.


The third bedroom with a view of the mountains and a home office area.

Reason number six-the beautiful lobby and common areas of the apartment building.


A view of the front desk and lobby of our apartment building

Jeff wanted a place that was nice enough to meet business associates. This building has a beautiful lobby, with a friendly desk staff and good security.


Another view of a section of the lobby of our apartment building

Reason number seven-great amenities in the common use areas. This was important to me, as I really wanted a pool and exercise room that I could use without leaving the building. The jacuzzi is great, too!


The jacuzzi and pool in our apartment building


Pool table with the exercise room in our apartment building

This is the courtyard of the apartment building. As you can see, it is a very nice place!


A view of the outdoor courtyard of our apartment building

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