January 17 NeiHu Hike

The first day that I was back in Taiwan,  I found myself wide wake at 4 am. This is usually what happens when I am dealing with the 11 or 12 hour time shift. It normally takes about 3 days for me to get back into a local schedule. Jeff also woke up, and suggested that we get dressed, go out for breakfast, and then go for an early morning hike up into the mountains near our apartment.

2014-01-17 hx30 013

Sunrise from the top of one of our local hiking trails in Neihu

So we did. Most of the breakfast shops near our apartment are open by 5:30 am to catch the early morning commuters. We had a nice breakfast, and started our hike in the dawn light. It was bright enough to see the path without flashlight at 6 am, but the sun had not risen yet.

2014-01-17 hx30 029

Jeff is standing at the top of the mountain near our apartment. There is no view from the top; the nice sunrise photo was taken at the start of the path going down the mountain.

We caught the sunrise at the top of the mountain about one hour later. I am normally not an early riser, so I do not see many sunrises (especially at the top of mountains!)

2014-01-17 hx30 007

Ann is standing on the path down the mountain, next to a replica of the Great Wall of China.

Here is a photo of our apartment building, taken from the mountain trail.  It is the tall building in the center of the photo, with the dome on top.

2014-01-17 hx30 024

Our apartment building, in NeiHu, taken from the mountain trail.

There are a couple of picnic areas near the top of the mountain, where you can sit and admire the view. They feature rope “chairs”, made from winding ropes around tree branches.

2014-01-17 hx30 049

Jeff is standing in front of some “rope chairs” in a picnic area

The fish trail down the mountain was open again, after it had been closed for repairs for the last two months.

2014-01-17 hx30 005

Jeff is standing next to a fish-shaped bench alongside the trail

And the park at the bottom of the trail had new flower beds planted alongside the river. It was another nice improvement!

2014-01-17 hx30 058

Flowers planted alongside the river

It was a great way to start Friday morning! We were back at the apartment by 8 am so Jeff could change and leave for work, and I got to see sunrise on top of the mountain!

2014-01-17 hx30 065

Ann standing in front of the flower beds

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