March 21 and 22 Papa and Mama Lu Visit Taiwan


Jeff, Shirley Fang, Mama and Papa Lu, and Ann pose for a photo in the living room of our apartment in Neihu

We had our first visitors from the US in March! We had brief visits from Sharon Murphy and Shirley Fang, and Papa and Mama Lu came to stay with us for a month.

2014-03-22 004

Papa is taking photos of Taipei City from the roof top of our apartment building in Neihu

We went on a hike up the old mining trail in the nearby Neihu mountains.


Mama, Ann, Papa, and Harmony pose next to the old mining carts alongside the trail in Neihu

March is a great time to visit because the weather in Taiwan is usually very pleasant.


Papa and Harmony on the hiking trail


Mama and Ann are standing on the hiking trail

We went to Dahu and Bihu Parks in Neihu.

2014-03-29 P510 035

Papa, Mama and Ann are standing next to the Bihu Park sign

Both Bihu and Dahu Parks are not far from our apartment in Neihu.

2014-03-29 P510 061

Papa and Mama are watching a man fishing in Bihu Park

You can walk or take the subway (just one stop) to get to them.

2014-03-29 P510 059

Ann, Mama, and Papa pose on a bridge in Bihu Park

We went to the nearby Neihu day market.


Papa, Mama, and Harmony are shopping in the Neihu day market

You can buy almost anything in the Neihu day market. Fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, cooked foods of many different types, clothes, dishes, etc.


Papa is taking to a vendor in the Neihu day market


Papa is watching these vendors making bawan for sale in the Neihu day market

We also rode the subway to Miramar to eat in one of the food courts there, and see the giant ferris wheel.


Giant ferris wheel at Miramar in Neihu

We went to see Tutigong in his shrine on the street in Neihu


Ann and Papa are standing next to Tutigong’s shrine on the street in Neihu

At the end of a busy day, Jeff and Papa are enjoying the jacuzzi at our apartment.

2014-03-29 P510 176

Jeff and Papa are getting ready to relax in the jacuzzi


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