March 30 Yangmingshan with Papa and Mama

Flower season in Yangmingshan National Park lasts for about two months. Papa and Mama were visiting during flower season, so we went up to the park to see the flowers.

2014-03-30 yangmingshan 082

Mama and Papa are sitting in front of the flower clock in Yangming Park in Yangmingshan National Park

We started in Zhuzihu valley where all of the calla lilies were still blooming.

2014-03-30 yangmingshan 068

Mama, Ann, and Papa in Zhuzihu Valley in Yangmingshan National Park

Mama and Jeff both picked some calla lilies.

2014-03-30 yangmingshan 012

Mama is picking some calla lilies to take home

Jeff is always the one taking photos of other people picking the lilies, but this time he picked and I got to take his photo!

2014-03-30 yangmingshan 024

Jeff is picking calla lilies

The weather was cool and drizzly as we were walking around the valley.

2014-03-30 yangmingshan 035

Water wheels and stone walls in Zhuzihu Valley

We stopped for a snack of scallion pancakes.

2014-03-30 yangmingshan 053

Ann, Papa, and Mama eating scallion pancakes in Zhuzihu Valley

We also visited the Experimental Flower Farm in Yangmingshan National Park.

2014-03-30 yangmingshan 140

Mama and Papa are standing by the entrance to the Experimental Farm

2014-03-30 yangmingshan 133

Papa is relaxing by a lily pond at the Experimental Farm

2014-03-30 yangmingshan 111

Mama is standing next to a tall tree at the Experimental Farm

We ended the day at the Flower clock in the Yangming Park section of Yangmingshan. Mama wanted to see if it had changed since the last time (a long time ago) she had seen it. According to her, it was just the same as she remembered it!

2014-03-30 yangmingshan 077

Mama, Papa, and Ann are sitting in front of the flower clock in Yangmingshan National Park



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