April 6 Zhongyongshan Hike

There are at least eight different trails up into the Neihu mountains. We have hiked up most of them, and many are among my local favorite hikes.

2014-04-06 zhongyongshan 009

Close up photo of a bird on a tree alongside the trail 

On this hiking outing with Harmony, we started out by hiking up the fish trail.

2014-04-06 zhongyongshan 054

Sign along the fish trail

They have done a really nice job of restoring many of the miniature displays alongside of this trail.

2014-04-06 zhongyongshan 037

Miniature model of the Presidential Office Building

My favorite model is the miniature of the Great Wall of China. It is the only miniature of a structure that is in mainland China and not Taiwan. I am impressed by the amount of time that was required to build such a long wall, even on a miniature scale!

2014-04-06 zhongyongshan 082

Ann is standing on the fish trail alongside of the miniature Great Wall of China

2014-04-06 zhongyongshan 030

Another miniature model alongside of the fish trail

When we got to the top of the fish trail, we were going to hike up to the temple. But Harmony had never seen the statue of Chiang Kai-Shek on top of Zhongyongshan, so we changed direction.

2014-04-06 zhongyongshan 098

Harmony is leaning on a fish statue at the top of the fish trail

The trail up to the top of the mountain to where the statue of Chiang Kai-Shek is located is a ordinary trail, with no miniature models alongside of it.

2014-04-06 zhongyongshan 025

Ann and Harmony on the trail to Zhongyongshan

When we got to the top of Zhongyongshan, Chiang Kai-Shek was still there.

2014-04-06 zhongyongshan 148

Statue of Chiang Kai-Shek at the top of Zhongyongshan

There were also lots of hula hoops on a tree by the plaza where the Chiang Kai-Shek statue is located at the top of Zhongyongshan. They are there for visitors to use and get some fun exercise. Harmony and Jeff amused me by trying to use the hula hoops. Harmony was pretty good, but Jeff had more difficulty.

2014-04-06 Zhongyongshan wx80 003

Harmony and Jeff try their skill at hula hooping on the Chiang Kai-Shek plaza at the top of Zhongyongshan

We took a different trail back down the mountain.

2014-04-06 zhongyongshan 103

Ann and Jeff pose alongside some staues along the trail

Near the bottom of this trail were two temples that I had not seen before.

2014-04-06 zhongyongshan 162

Temple near the bottom of Zhongyongshan

According to Jeff, this first temple is meant to be a place for women to come and pray to ask for favors. Zhongyongshan mountain is the peak on the left behind the temple in this photo.

2014-04-06 zhongyongshan 160

Close up photo of the “dancing leprechauns” incense holder in front of the temple

It had a very unusual incense holder in front of the entrance. The carved statues on this incense holder looked like dancing leprechauns.

2014-04-06 zhongyongshan 175

Ann is standing next to a fish pond and statue at the bottom of the temple

The next temple, a bit further down the trail from the mountain, was clearly a Buddhist temple.

2014-04-06 zhongyongshan 206

Buddhist temple on the trail down from the peak of Zhongyongshan mountain

2014-04-06 zhongyongshan 118

Ann is standing next to a statue of a stone lion guarding the entrance to the Buddhist temple. The red paint around his mouth makes him look very ferocious!

It looked well kept, and like it was very well supported financially.

2014-04-06 zhongyongshan 204

Gold overlay Buddha statues inside of the temple

2014-04-06 zhongyongshan 120

Inside of the Buddhist temple

As we explored the temple grounds, the reason it was so well maintained became obvious. Next to the temple was a very large, three story building, which was a mausoleum.

2014-04-06 zhongyongshan 182

Buddhist mausoleum next to the temple

2014-04-06 zhongyongshan 185

Close up of the stone dragon carved alongside of the steps leading up to the mausoleum

As this was the last day of the three day Qing Ming holiday, there were many people at the mausoleum to pay their respects to their ancestors.

2014-04-06 zhongyongshan 188

Photo of the inside of the Buddhist mausoleum

The landscaping around these temple buildings was very nice.

2014-04-06 zhongyongshan 180

Statue of Guanyin in the gardens surrounding the Buddhist temple and mausoleum

I was surprised that we had never heard about such a large Buddhist temple so close to where we live in Neihu! Even when I go hiking on a familiar trail near our apartment, I can discover something new and interesting!

2014-04-06 zhongyongshan 134

Harmony is standing inside a pagoda on the grounds of the Buddhist temple

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