April 27 Biking Along Keelung River

2014-04-27 Taipei Biking 004

Ann and Jeff are on a tandem bike that we rented to ride along the Keeling River bikepath

I always enjoy biking along the riverside bike paths in Taipei. Jeff and I decided to try biking along the Keeling River bike path on Sunday. This is the river bike path that is closest to our apartment in Neihu.So we rented a tandem bike and set off along the river bike path.

2014-04-27 Taipei Biking 007

Dragon boat practicing on the river

There was a dragon boat rowing on the river. They were likely practising for the races in June. There were also lots of spring flowers along the bike path.

2014-04-27 Taipei Biking 019

Ann is posing next to some flowers along the bike path

There were rice paddies on the other side of the bike path along the river. I am always surprised to find farms with the Taipei city limits, but I guess that not all of the land has been covered with apartment buildings!

2014-04-27 Taipei Biking 021

Rice paddies along the river bike path

Our bike path merged into the Tamsui River bike path when we reached the section where the Keeling River joins the Tamsui River. The Tamsui River has lots of mangrove trees growing on its riverbanks. Most of these riverbank areas are conservation areas to protect the trees and wildlife living there.

2014-04-27 Taipei Biking 031

Ann is standing next to sign explaining the Mangrove trees growing along the Tamsui riverbank

This is a photo of the large temple in Guandu that we bike past on this bike path along the Tamsui River. It was also undergoing repairs.

2014-04-27 Taipei Biking 036

Guandu Temple next to the Tamsui River

There were lots of boats tied up along the riverbank.

2014-04-27 Taipei Biking 037

Boats tied up along the Tamsui riverbank

You can bike for many kilometers along the river bike paths in Taipei. All of the rivers that run through the greater Taipei city area have bike paths along their banks.


Photo of a bike path along the river

When we stopped for a break on our way back to the Keeling River bike path, Jeff took advantage of a circular bench to take a nap.

2014-04-27 Taipei Biking 040

Photo of a tired husband resting on a circular bench by the river!

The bike paths go through park sections right under the major freeways and roadways of Taipei.

2014-04-27 Taipei Biking 043

Bike path under a freeway overpass in Taipei

We stopped at a small shrine along the bike path. I was expecting it to be another shrine dedicated to Tutegong, but I was wrong. This was a shrine dedicated to old statues of various gods that had been tossed into the river and then scooped out by the local residents.

2014-04-27 Taipei Biking 044

Shrine of old statues rescued from the river

Apparently, sometimes when  a family becomes more prosperous, they decide to replace their old statues in home shrines with newer ones. And they would sometimes throw these old statues into the river. When people found them, they decided to give the rescued statues a new home, so this shrine was built alongside of the river.

2014-04-27 Taipei Biking 046

Collection of statues of various gods that were rescued from the river

Many temples have wooden blocks that look like smiles that people use when they ask for favors. I arranged the wooden blocks inside this shrine to look like a happy face. I had no favors to ask, and I thought that the statues all looked happy in their new shrine home alongside of the river!


Happy face arranged from wooden blocks in the shrine

We had a wonderful day biking along the river bike paths. It was also interesting to ride a tandem bike for the day. It is a bit more challenging to control with the weight of two people on it. But it was much easier to talk to Jeff when we were together on the same bike as we pedalled along the river!



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