June 6 Computex, Taipei

As a person who enjoys learning about new technology, I always enjoy Computex. You can see lots of interesting, cool, (and sometimes odd) things.

2014-06-03 15-18-03

Jeff is standing with three show girls at Computex 2014 in Taipei

Computex takes place in Taipei the first week of June every year. The show is so big that it occupies both convention centers; the big one in Nangong, and the smaller one next to Taipei 101 in Shilin district.

2014-06-07 12-31-03

State-of-the-art toy 

Computex is always fun to attend, because it is where major international brands to announce new products, new technology, and new trends.

2014-06-05 15-32-23

Jeff is testing some glasses at Computex

Jeff attends Computex every year because it is important in his business. Now that we live in Taipei, it is also easier for me to go to Computex. So we spent a Saturday seeing the show. There was lots of interesting technologies to learn about, fascinating products in some display booths, and it was air-conditioned inside of the convention center!

2014-06-04 14-07-23

Jeff is standing next to a Dell sign at Computex

Here is some statistical information about Computex Taipei 2014 from the official website.

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2014 attracted 38,662 international buyers from 166 countries, an overall 1% growth. The top 10 nations by turnout were: China, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, and Russia. There were notable increases in visitors from China (15% growth from last year), UAE (22% growth) and the Philippines (19% growth). It is projected that total visitor count for all five days will be over 130,000.

2014-06-04 14-16-46

Jeff is holding a cupcake with a Dell flag on it at Computex

There were over 45 new product announcements held during the show and many ideas and innovations were showcased.

2014-06-07 13-08-24

Jeff is holding a t-shirt that he won, standing next to a red mustang in the Ford exhibit area at Computex

Ford showed off its Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communication technology. Its smart V2V technology can prevent accidents due to embedded ICT that lets cars interact with other cars so drivers can sense through their cars pile-up and traffic jams ahead. Ford also used this show to introduce to Taiwan its Emergency Assistance onboard (basically, like the GM Onstar service.) Jeff also won a Ford tshirt by answering questions about the Ford Mustang car on display. It was a medium size shirt, so it became one of my tshirts.

2014-06-07 12-53-21

Jeff is holding up a motherboard and a very small PC from an exhibitor at Computex

The internet of things (computers embedded in appliances, etc.)and wearable devices were big this year at Computex. And there are always some things that are puzzling. Is the large mouse statue in the photo below with the skull on its belly supposed to be cute or scary?

2014-06-07 11-15-59

Jeff is standing next to a statue of a large plastic mouse at Computex

I learned about gorilla glass, made by Corning and used in tablets, smart phones, etc. Corning is now making glass that is more flexible (less likely to break or scratch) and anti-microbial. We also learned about 4K screen protocol and technology.

2014-06-07 11-30-39

Jeff is discussing new 4K screen technology with an exhibitor at Computex

Computex presented  the development and innovation gold award to five companies; GP Acoustics (UK) Ltd. for its X300A Wireless digital Hi-Fi speaker system; Philips for Philips Two-in-One Design, dual 19-inch display; HTC for the HTC Dot View case; Taer Innovation Co., Ltd. for Cylinder, the cell phone car holder and Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd. for Level 10 M Hybrid mouse. I know that we looked at some of these new technologies at the show.

2014-06-07 10-46-05

Ann is pointing to some 3D printer produced plastic shells

A total of 75 winning products were chosen for awards from 288 product entries. The computer case in the photo below won an award, and it was one of the prettiest (and cool) computer cases that I have ever seen. With all of the clear plastic, you can see the computer “innards” inside of the case!

2014-06-07 10-45-44

Ann is standing next to an award winning computer case

There was lots of soft serve ice cream being handed out by exhibitors  in many of the display areas. I ended up having ice cream for lunch, as I was given four cones from various exhibitors!

2014-06-07 10-16-26

Ann is eating ice cream at Computex

The technology behind laser/digital screens interactions was explained to us by this exhibitor. This technology is used for target practice and interactive displays. It also gave Jeff an opportunity to try it out with a laser gun!

2014-06-07 10-22-52

Jeff is trying out a laser gun technology at an exhibit at Computex

There are always many different gimmicks by exhibitors used to get people into your booth or display area. there are contests with prizes (mostly chatkas) given away, and shows. There are lots of pretty girls in skimpy costumes (and plenty of guys walking around with cameras talking photos of them!) This year, there was even an exhibitor with slot machines in their display area to entice people in. I gave one a spin, and won………………. another ice cream cone!

2014-06-07 13-52-15

Ann is getting ready to play a slot machine in an exhibit at Computex

2014-06-04 20-15-45

Moon Bridge in Dahu Park

This last photo was taken at night during this week in June. I wanted to include it in this blog to show why the bridge in Dahu Park is called the Moon Bridge! It also shows off Jeff’s great photography skills!

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