May 18-23 Tiffany’s Visit to Andover, Massachusetts

2014-05-18 20-03-36

Ann, Jeff, Sharon and Tiffany enjoy a New England lobster dinner

We were fortunate to get to visit with my niece Tiffany Lu when she came up to stay with us for two weeks in May. Naturally, we celebrated with a New England tradition, a lobster dinner hosted by Sharon and Dan.

2014-05-18 20-01-33

Tiffany “biting” into a lobster, and Sharon

Lobster comes back into season in May, so Tiffany picked a great time to come for a visit! She was actually in the area to attend a conducting class up in New Hampshire, an d a friend’s wedding.

2014-05-18 20-01-06

Dan and Ann getting ready to eat lobster

We took her on a hike up  Ward Hill in Andover. The view was great, but the mosquitoes were terrible!

2014-05-23 14-19-52

Tiffany and Ann at the top of Ward Hill in Andover

For some reason, they were trying to bite Jeff more than Tiffany and me. We decided to trying hiking somewhere else to get away from the mosquitoes!

2014-05-23 14-08-46

Jeff hides in his jacket from the mosquitoes!

We went hiking in the Phillips Academy Cochran Wildlife Sanctuary instead. It did not have the swarms of spring mosquitoes that were present at Ward Hill.

2014-05-23 14-45-11

Stone gate entrance to the Cochran Wildlife Sanctuary at Phillips Academy in Andover

The sanctuary was very green and pretty, with lots of flowering mountain laurels and rhododendron bushes alongside of the trail.

2014-05-23 14-54-10

Tiffany and Ann are walking on a path in the sanctuary

Massachusetts often has a short spring season, but there are always lots of flowers blooming during those few weeks of the year!

2014-05-23 14-56-25

Flowers blooming on bushes along the trail

2014-05-23 15-00-13

Flowers blooming on bushes along the trail

The sanctuary has 65 acres of land, with several small ponds.

2014-05-23 15-20-22

Ann and Tiffany are looking at a pond in the Cochran Wildlife Sanctuary

It was definitely still jacket weather in Massachusetts!

2014-05-23 15-20-30

Tiffany wearing her jacket for the hike in the Cochran Wildlife Sanctuary

Another view of the pond in the Cochran Wildlife Sanctuary.

2014-05-23 15-20-15

Photo of a pond in the Cochran Wildlife Sanctuary

2014-05-23 14-56-39

Flowering bush in the Cochran Wildlife Sanctuary

We ended our hike with a dinner at Fuddruckers, where Jeff decided to order (and eat!) a giant hamburger! That is the 1 pound of beef burger that he is biting into in the photo below!

2014-05-23 19-01-31

Jeff bites into a 1 lb Fuddruckers hamburger!

Afterwards, we walked around downtown Andover

2014-05-23 16-14-00

Tiffany and Ann are standing on Main Street in downtown Andover, MA

We ended the day enjoying some frozen yogurt. In New England, it is never too cold to eat ice cream or frozen yogurt!

2014-05-23 15-57-04

Ann is eating frozen yogurt


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