January 5 Mountain View, California


On our way back to China, we spent a few days in Mountain View, California. Jeff had some meetings with the Apple people in Cupertino. This gave us a chance to visit our son-in-law, Dan, and enjoy a few days of beautiful Bay Area weather.

Jeff took this photo from the plane as we were flying into San Francisco airport. Sunsets seen from 30,000 feet are often spectacular! Even with all of the flying that I do, I never get tired of looking out the plane window, so I usually ask for a window seat.

Sunset as seen from my plane window

Anytime  we are in the Bay Area, I try to go see the coastal Redwood trees. These giant trees are so awesome and inspiring! This time, I discovered a redwood park that we had not visited before. Henry Cowell State park is near Santa Cruz, not too far from Mountain View. It has an ancient, old growth grove of redwood trees that has been protected for more than 200 years. It also has a railroad, where you can take a train through some of this ancient forest. We spent the entire day, walking through the old grove, taking the train ride, and then hiking up into the near by coastal mountains. It was a cold, but wonderful day!

2013-01-02 Henry Cowell hx5 001

Jeff standing by the Henry Cowell Park sign

2013-01-02 Henry Cowell hx5 014

A view of the trail through the ancient grove

2013-01-02 Henry Cowell 043

Ann standing on the deck of the observation tower in the mountains of Henry Cowell Redwood State Park.

2013-01-02 Henry Cowell hx5 066

Looking up at some redwood trees

2013-01-02 Henry Cowell hx5 062

Jeff standing next to the Roaring Camp train

2013-01-02 Henry Cowell hx5 067

Jeff taking photos in a redwood grove